Malelani Cafe









Every Thursday from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
6734 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA


The Open Mic is back indoors! We will continue the virtual sets for those who are not yet comfortable with an indoor event.  Masks are optional.  You may also bring your own microphone if you feel more comfortable doing so.

We'll continue to have online sign ups and will still offer virtual sets in addition to in person sets. We will be keeping 15 minute slots. As a result, we will be asking everyone to courteous and to stay within your allotted time. PLEASE BE TUNED AND READY TO GO AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SET.

Sign ups will happen at on Wednesday at 6:00. Pick either a virtual or live spot at your desired time. We'll be leaving a few slots over the course of the evening open for those who are unable to sign up online.
Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you!!

All art forms welcome! Come out and sing a few songs, read a few poems, or tell some jokes. Or even just listen if you'd like! Collaborations are encouraged.

Malelani offers a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for the development of the arts in Mt. Airy.  Enjoy one of their reasonably priced high-quality, unique dishes. For info on the venue visit:

Cosmic Cafe









Every Friday from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. (weather permitting)
1 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia, PA

Sign up starts at 5:30. We look forward to providing opportunity to Philadelphias’s family of local artists. All art forms are welcome so come out and play some songs or read poetry. Enjoy some of the Cosmic Café’s delicious food prepared from locally grown, organic ingredients. Have a drink at the Cider House patio bar. And enjoy the relaxed, scenic atmosphere right on the Schuylkill River!