Flute 66

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Left to Right: Chuck Darrow, Lance Fingles, Rusty Crowell, Jan Alba

Left to Right: Chuck Darrow, Lance Fingles, Rusty Crowell, Jan Alba

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Introducing FLUTE 66, a four-piece ensemble that redefines the cover band genre.

While such acts proliferate these days, few, if any, offer the musical and vocal breadth, depth and scope of FLUTE 66. The group’s versatility and ability to perform an impressively wide range of beloved pop and rock tunes is what sets it apart from virtually all other bands of this kind.

The unit’s many differences begin with multi-instrumentalist Jan Alba, whose flute playing provides the band with both its signature sound and its name. A classically trained musician, Jan gives familiar songs new life with her stunning soloing and lyrical counter melodies.

But that is only the beginning. FLUTE 66 boasts an uncommon vocal versatility, as Jan, her husband, guitarist Rusty Crowell and keyboardist-guitarist Lance Fingles all sing lead, which puts a wide range of artists on the band’s musical palette. There are few groups working who can cover The BeatlesThe ByrdsCyndi LauperJethro Tull,  The Temptations and Adele with equal facility and musical dexterity.

The singers also provide thrilling three-part harmonies, which allows FLUTEOUS 66 to create vocal tapestries that take their material to another level.